As a bigger guy just getting into nursing – graduating soon! – I am finding it hard for me to find a good set of comfortable scrubs that fit me well. I would definitely be interested if any of my readers had the same issue.

My biggest problem is finding pants that fit well and are easy to work in all day.

There are a fair number of big and tall shops online that offer scrubs for men but I have a hard time trying to order these not knowing if they are going to fit. I know that there are some good return policies so it isn’t that I am worried about. I am more worried about wasting time and effort.

I did come across a good guide for people like me if you are interested:

Tips For Finding Clothes For Tall Men | The Men’s Fashion Guide

It’s not so great being tall when it comes to finding clothes you can wear… and look good in. You’re either showing too much socks out the bottom of your pant legs, or you’re forever tucking your shirt tails into your pants. Here’s how to find clothes for tall men.

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